Transform your organisation with Neurodiversity Coaching from The Neurodiversity Academy. 

We are here support your team members, to foster individual self-awareness, create understanding and self compassion. 

Here at The Neurodiversity Academy, we create supportive environments which ensures both neurodivergent team members and their leader can explore bespoke tailored strategies that really make a difference. 

During coaching we empower both individuals and leaders to embrace their neurodiversity in an authentic and positive way. We help everyone to understand, move forward and to thrive in their roles. 

We save you time and costs whilst cultivating high-performing teams.

Neurodiversity Coaching Programme

Our Neurodiversity Coaching Programme is a comprehensive programme designed to foster understanding, growth, and collaboration. Here's what it includes:

Individual One-to-One Coaching for Neurodivergent Team Members

Experience tailored coaching sessions providing tools and  techniques. 

We support to help neurodivergent individuals comprehend their unique strengths, navigate their careers, and share their neurodiversity with others. 

Delve deep into understanding individual experiences and behaviours.

Management and Leadership Coaching

Elevate leadership effectiveness with one-to-one coaching for team leaders. 

Supporting leaders to understand their neurodivergent team member, what they need to be successful in their role and in the future. 
We examine team dynamics, goals, plans, benchmarks, and expectations, ensuring targets are not only met but exceeded. 

Together we explore effective communication styles, dynamics, and strategies for integrating neurodivergent and neurotypical team members.

Three-Way Coaching Sessions

Engage in impactful three-way coaching sessions involving the neurodivegent individual and the line manager along with a The Neurodiversity Coach. 

This collaborative approach provides a safe space for open conversations, addressing potential challenges and facilitating a smoother resolution. 



Transform your workplace with my comprehensive Neurodiversity Coaching Package, designed to provide comprehensive support and guidance. 
This package offers:
  • Six individual 2-hour neurodiversity coaching sessions
  • Two additional 2-hour manager/employee three-way coaching sessions
  • Email support for the duration of the programme
Tailored to equip both leaders and team members with the essential tools and understanding, this package ensures everyone thrives in a neurodiverse environment.

What You'll Gain:
  • Expert Guidance: I will work closely with you, exploring neurodiversity and developing strategies for effective communication and collaboration.
  • Inclusive Culture: Learn to create a supportive workplace culture that embraces neurodiversity, creating a positive and productive environment for all.
Getting Started:

Upon purchase, I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your first session. Start your journey towards a more inclusive and understanding workplace today.

Looking for a more bespoke package? Email us at for customised solutions.

Invest in the future of your workplace with our Full Neurodiversity Coaching Package. Your path to empowerment and inclusivity begins here.


Our coaching approach goes beyond individual and management coaching, incorporating collaborative sessions to ensure a holistic understanding and supportive environment

When you work with us at The Neurodiversity Academy, together we create a workplace where every team member can thrive.  Which in turn creates high-performing and successful teams.

Every team member, team and business is uniquely different. Our programmes reflect this. We create bespoke coaching programmes to suit your exact needs. 

This starts with a call with The Neurodiversty Academy, once we understand your business in more details, we can provide you with a bespoke quote. 

Need something different?

Here at The Neurodiversity Academy, we also offer stand alone neurodiversity coaching sessions, please contact us for further details 

To discover more about our leadership neurodiversity coaching packages and for a personalised quote, email us to arrange a strategy call. Prices start from £150. 

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