About Us 

Established and designed to integrate leadership, neurodiversity, and psychology, our initiative ensures robust support and provides everything neurodivergent employees require to thrive.

About Us: Empowering Your Business with Neurodiversity

In the corporate landscape, there's a genuine desire to support neurodivergent team members, yet many leaders find themselves at a crossroads, unsure how to lead for optimum results. This isn't due to lack of willingness but rather a gap in understanding. 

Enter The Neurodiversity Academy, your ally in creating an inclusive workplace. Armed with knowledge and insight, we stand ready to guide managers, HR directors, and line managers on effective support strategies for their neurodivergent team members. Our offerings span various modalities, from training, seminars, workshops, courses, to coaching and consultancy. 


Why It Matters: Beyond Terminology and Adjustments 

This goes beyond getting the terminology right or implementing workplace adjustments. It's about crafting an environment where neurodivergent individuals not only thrive but contribute significantly to your business's success. 

We navigate through diverse factors, including personality types, feelings, and experiences, ensuring a holistic approach. When these elements align, the magic happens—static data reduces, staff turnover diminishes, and individuals transform into high performers. Happy employees lead to high-performing teams, creating a ripple effect that propels your business to success. 


Collaborative Success: Our Commitment to Your Business 

In essence, our mission is to help your business thrive by understanding, appreciating, and supporting neurodivergent individuals. 

Through collaboration, research, and belief in the neurodiversity of every individual, we strive to raise the bar, creating workplaces where everyone is understood and valued. Let's embark on a journey towards optimum performance and happiness together. 

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Our founder, Tamzin Hall 

Introducing Tamzin Hall, founder of the Neurodiversity Academy. 

Tamzin transform businesses into highly profitable ventures through people-centric strategies. 

With decades of experience, Tamzin blends leadership, psychology, neuroscience, her knowledge & experience in the world of neurodiversoty and business acumen for remarkable results. 
Tamzin's approach prioritises work-life balance, ensures comprehensive understanding of ourselves and others, and ensures employee's are happy understood and successful.   

Tamzin guide's leaders to create extraordinary teams, specialising in empowering neurodiversity and high performance. 

With qualifications, experience, and a commitment to excellence, Tamzin and her team are here to help you build the best teams and achieve unprecedented profits, through effective management of you neurodivergent staff.

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We were at the last stage of a disciplinary process, Tamzin came in and transformed things. We now have a happy team member who is working beyond expectations. Thank you. 


Every business needs The Neurodiverstity Academy and Tamzin - wow! My team are happy, high performing and have such a deep understanding of Tom's needs, in a empathetic way. He is a different person. 

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